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  • Honeywell Wastewater Treatment Plant tour
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The New York State Association for Solid Waste Management (NYSASWM), New York State’s oldest and largest statewide solid waste organization, was founded with a mission to promote efficient, effective and environmentally sound solid waste management practices in New York State through the training, education and evaluation of technologies. Since its inception in 1975, NYSASWM has worked with solid waste managers throughout New York State toward its mission. In this time period, open dumps and old polluting incinerators were closed and replaced by state-of-the-art, environmentally protective landfills, recycling and waste-to-energy facilities. NYSASWM’s mission is still as important today as it was in 1975, since solid waste practices are constantly evolving.

Organic waste composting, waste reduction, thermal degradation, electronics recycling, greenhouse gas emission reduction and product stewardship are just a few of the areas that NYSASWM is involved with to enhance solid waste management practices in New York State.

4 ways membership can help your profession:

  • Keep you current with solid waste management regional news and government initiatives within New York State.

  • Involvement in the oldest and largest professional solid waste management organization in New York State.

  • Valuable training sessions to keep you current with emerging solid waste technologies and processes.

  • Networking opportunities with other solid waste managers in New York and across the United States.






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